A woman named Annabel Rose from Spring City has passed away due to a deadly stroke in her home by her husband. The news is been flooding on the internet and people were paying tributes to the young woman Annabel Rose Meenan. Reports confirmed that this is a case of Domestic violence that turns into a Murder. we will look at the complete update of Annabel Rose Meenan’s death in the article. ‘

Annabel Rose Meenan Death

Spring City woman Annabel Rose Meenan was reported dead on December 4, 2021, in her home. Her Obituary Reports listed her cause of death as intoxication because the couple had heavy shots of tequilas as per the initial report. Social media is flooded with Tributes paid by beloved ones of Annabel Rose Meenan. She was a lovely soul and kind personality.

who is Annabel Rose?

Annabel Rose who was also known as Annabel Rose Meenan was a beautiful woman who was graduated from Downingtown East High School. Her in school, she was a talented musical instrumentalist and plays the epic flugelhorn in a marching band. She had a heavy affinity towards New Jersey Ocean Field concerts, shopping, and late-night partying. According to the sources, her age was around 21 at the time of her death. This is truly heartbroken to accept that a beautiful young lady died in this young age.

Annabel Rose cause of death

Annabel Rose Meenan died in her own house on December 4, 2021. The initial reports listed her cause of death as drinks intoxication. But scratches and strike marks on her body revealed something else. Now, the Annabel Rose Meenan case open a new chapter as the investigation team found bloodstains on the refrigerator sidewalls.

Annabel Rose Meenan’s husband

Sources were revealing that Annabel Rose Meenan was the victim of Domestic Abuse which later become an incident of murder. Annabel’s husband has now been arrested for inflicting pain to his wife, one charge of hampering the safety of the young deceased soul. Her husband has been charged with multiple cases of domestic abuse and has been found guilty of causing her demise. Currently, we don’t have any biography of her husband but we will find it soon.¬†

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