We are saddened to announce that Pat Fish, well-remembered as a member of ‘The Jazz Butcher’ has left the world on  October 5, 2021.  He was around 64 years old at the time of his departure. So far the circumstances around his death were not unveiled by any sources. From the sources, it was confirmed that on 3 October he was scheduled to perform on a place, but due to sudden health illness, he canceled the show at the moment. Pat Fish fans are deeply shocked by the incident and shared deep condolence with the family member on the social media spaces.

Who Is Pat Fish?

Pat Fish’s actual name is Patrick Huntrods. He was born on 20 December 1957 in London, England. He completed Literae humanities from Merton College, Oxford. In college life, he developed a propensity towards making music. and that is where the world got one of the finest English musicians. Patrick performed 40 years of his life as Jazz Butcher. “His first foray was the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy’s cover version of The Rolling Stones’ “We Love You”, was released under the name “JBC” in 1990 “

He get so much love and popularity in the field when he joined “The Jazz Butcher” band.  Later in the year In 1989, Pat Fish got the opportunity to host an indie music show called Transmission


Dennis Borlek reacted to the death “My heart is once again crushed… Pat Fish of the Jazz Butcher has been a soul I have loved since I first heard his music in the mid-80s. Steve & I had the honor of opening for the Jazz Butcher at Winters in the SDSU area in the late 80s.

Pat Fish Jazz Butcher Death

The news of Pat Fish death was confirmed by his friend Max Eider who is a renowned guitarist. It was said he peacefully passed away yesterday evening. After the news came into public thousands of social media users passed deep tributes and mourning messages.

From the messages, it can be easily interpreted that Pat got so much respect and love from society. Our team also shared deep condolence with the family members. No doubt his death causes an unmeasurable loss to “The Jazz Butcher” band. May his soul rest in peace. The family or relatives have not revealed anything about his obituary until now.

How did Jazz Butcher Member Die?

From the sources, it was confirmed that Pat Fish’s death was due to old age health illness. But exact circumstances around his sudden death were not revealed by family members yet. For so many novices in the field, Mr. Pat was the inspiration but sadly he left all of them of a sudden.


“I was very saddened to hear that Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) has died. I only met Pat twice but in his company, it felt like I was with an old friend. After a gig in Northampton, he insisted on jumping in our van to take us somewhere that he knew would blow our minds. He gave out clear directions and after 15 minutes or so he told us to stop the van and declared ”That’s the house where Bela Lugosi’s Dead was written”. Thank you, Pat. A lovely fellow and I know he will be greatly missed.” wrote Duglas T Stewart. 

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