Tori Yorgi hit by car was trending recently on the internet. She was reporting a West Virginia reporter for WSAZ TV. The reason behind her making news headlines was the incident happened while she was reporting the weather on the road. All over social media everyone is talking about the incident. Keep reading to know exactly what happened to her. 

who is Tori Yorgi?

tori yorgi is a West Virginia reporter who worked for WSAZ TV. She used to cover the weather of the area in the news section. She hails from Philadelphia. Tori wanted to become a successful journalist in her life. She mentioned her as a multimedia journalist on many sites.


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Not much about her Tori Yorgi wiki is available to anyone on the internet. She kept her private life secret and never shared it at any social gathering. Even can not confirm her age and marital status at the moment. You can find her on social media platforms like Instagram where she has around 1600 followers. Apart from this, she is also active on Twitter where she amassed 4k followers.  Keep reading to explore about wsaz reporter hit by car.


Tori Yorgi Hit By Car

The incident of Tori Yorgi Hit By Car has taken social media by Strom. Everyone on the internet is sharing the viral video when she was reporting and got hit by a car. She was actually reporting from the wet roads of West Virginia.

“You deserve all the medical treatment and time you need, that experience – twice to anyone is severely traumatizing. Adrenaline carried me through a work accident, and it took time to realize how deeply it affected me. My heart truly goes out to you. You are so strong.”

While she was talking to Tim Irr from the studio, she got a sudden push from a car. Although the exact reason behind the car hitting the lady is still a matter to be known. One of the sources revealed that the car was sliding on the ice due to which it struck her. 

Watch WSAZ reporter viral video 

Here is the exact video in which she got a bad push from the sliding car. The video is already watched by thousands of people.  


Brigite Dawn Whitt said on Facebook “Tori Yorgi made it on CBS Mornings! The video is funny since she is okay. I hope she wasn’t hurting later.”

Another wrote “I saw it on tv. It looked like she went down hard. I know she kept saying she was fine, but I hope she got checked out afterward.”

One of the social media users was disgruntled over the WSAZ TV that they completely disregard their own people working in the organization. 

But in the incident thankfully no one get injured. She updated on the live broadcast that she is fine and did not sustain any serious injury from the collision. 

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