Recently Dave Chapelle broke out the death news of his transgender comedian friend Daphne Dwarman. Her actual name is Daphne Dorman which got misunderstand Dwarman by so many people on the internet. She was working for a very long time with Chapelle and that’s why her death left him broken heart. He shared the news in the past show on Netflix. So many people laugh hardest at the jokes and punch points of Daphne Dorman when she was in her full swing. And now after her demise, everyone is remembering the laughing moments they spent watching her. Keep reading till the end of the article to discover more facts related to her.

Who Is Daphne Dwarma a.k.a Dorman?

Daphne Dorman was a trans comedian based in San Francisco.  Besides being a comedian, she is also a software engineer. Dorman was survived by her daughter.  recently in Dave’s show ‘The Closure’ on Netflix, her name Dorman got misunderstand by Dwarman.  Often she was seen in Dave Chapelle shows. Her last show was Sticks and Stones. People love her comedy style and enjoy every joke, punch line she used in the session. There is no doubt that Daphne Dorman was a very courageous trans woman. She was an inspiring soul and one can learn a lot from her.

Daphne Dorman Death

Daphne Dwarman Death is a big shock to the San Francisco comedy industry. some sources confirm that she suicide and ends her life on her own. The reason behind her action is still a mystery. No one has ever expected something like this. Many people on the internet share mourning messages and thanking her for the amazing funny moments she provided them in their life.

Cause Of Death Revealed !!!

As mentioned some sources on the internet confirm that Daphne Dwarman ends her life on her own. This step left thousands heartbroken.  Social media spaces like Twitter and Facebook flooded with mourning messages. Our team also shares deep condolence and tribute. Her daughter is deeply shaken by the death of her loving mother.

How Social Media React?

Teboho Mochaoa reacted to death “Once I learned that Daphne Dorman had killed herself gosh. That was heartbreaking. I had to stop watching and Google her, watch her comedy and read the things she’d written about this before. For me, this made it all the weaker. He had great material to make a more compelling case.” – Elnathan John (2021)…

Kakashi Hatake wrote on Facebook “Wrong for telling jokes? Gtfoh. The #LGBTQ community forced Daphne Dwarman to take her life for sticking up for Dave, did you go hard on the individuals who stormed her handle to attack her? Bet not. When he makes jokes about slavery and blacks, do you see us blacks moaning?”


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