Recently our team’s laptop screen popup with a piece of horrific accident news in which a Teen student named Elijah Jimenez has killed New Jersey.  This news is circulating on all social media at a quick pace. Be on the blog to get all about the Elijah Jimenez Accident Death.

Who is Elijah Jimenez?

No doubt that The motorcycle fatality rate in the USA is increasing day by day. and another youngster named Elijah Jimenez has become the victim of a Road accident this time. Sources revealed that Elijah Jimenez passed away in a motorcycle accident on October 11, 2021. Sources also confirmed that he went to Central Regional High School.

The young athlete stood 6 feet tall and weighed 180 Lbs, as mentioned on his profile. He graduated from CRHS in the year 2018. Elijah Jimenez played most of his time as a Wide Receiver. His Overall league stat; 7 wins from 36 games and 1 loss. His Facebook account is flooded with RIP messages and comments. 

His one close friend wrote on facebook:

Sometimes you hear something that completely knocks the breath right out of you.. this is one of those times..

😭 Elijah Jimenez, you were by far one the most loving, respectful, funny, young men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My kids and family were blessed to have been able to share so many years making amazing memories with you.. I will forever replay the dance battles between you in Jj in my head over and over.. You are absolutely one of a kind and this world just got much dimmer without you here to make it a better place… My deepest condolences go out to your family, friends and everyone who was blessed by knowing you .. Ishmael Jimenez.. you are in my thoughts and my prayers.. I am so truly sorry for your loss and the tragedy your family is facing.. we are all here for you always.. Parents hug your kids a little tighter today.. Only God knows how long we will have them for. My heart is broken over this.. May you rest in all his glory and love Eli.. you will be forever missed. 💔

Elijah Jimenez

Elijah Jimenez Accident Death

The sudden accidental death news of Elijah Jimenez is a big shock for every friend, relative and family member. he was a young athlete who have a lot of dreams and desires but unfortunately, all his desires remain unfulfilled and incomplete. 

Further investigation on the accident is going on by the  New Jersey police. All the relatives, friends, and family members of the victim mourn his Death. We pray, May his departed soul rest in peace.

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One Facebook user wrote:

“I just want to take this time to send my condolences to the friends and family of Elijah Jimenez. He was a very bright and amazing young man and he will be truly be missed by all. If there is anyone who needs anyone to vent or needs to talk to somebody, I’m always right here for everyone because I understand how much this affects people. Rest In Peace, Elijah 🕊❤️

Another Said:

“You have touched so many lives with your goofy personality and your smile that would light up a room. I’m going to miss the days of roughing you up because you would try and grab my bald head and say “Michael Jordan” lol. I’m also going to miss those times seeing you and you still saying coach “I love you.” I’m glad I got the opportunity to see your growth and maturity over the years. Thank you again for great memories. I love you and you will be missed”

According to injury facts, motorcycles account for 3% of all occupant injuries since 2019. There is a 5.3% increase in the overall death rate. Riders and victims are often found intoxicated or with helmets. Our Death militia team requests to all our readers, please be safe while riding your vehicle. 


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