Tiktok is once again back with a new trend Abow on the internet. This time something different is getting viral and the trend is gaining more and more popularity with passing time. The trend we are talking about is ‘Abow‘. From internet netizens to social media users all are curious to know the meaning of it. Stunna gurl said, “My little sister keeps saying abow like wtf does that even mean”.

TikToker is using this word widely in their videos. Although if you check the meaning of the word by just a simple google you will find synonyms like Wow, damn, cheer, etc. On social networking sites, people are using it in different ways which we will explain further in this blog. So keep reading to aware yourself of everything about the new trend. 

what is Abow Mean?

The origin of the TikTok trend is from the popular song ‘He Told Me Throw It Back A Bow’. The music was of ShantiiP and TarioP. the song was uploaded on Youtube on December 27 last year. Many popular TikToker uses the same in their videos which further helps the song to gain popularity among users. The song hit the milestone of 1.5 lack views in just 11 days. So far ten thousand people have liked the video and hundreds of comments hit the comment box. Here is the official video of the clip :

In many dictionaries, when you search what does abow mean on TikTok, you will not find any word something like abow on them. This new word is just used by TikTok to show their expression towards an extraordinary performance of someone.  There are some social media users who are using it to cheer the woman for her beauty. Next time when you see the word tries to relate it with the above-mentioned meaning and you will definitely decipher the sentence. Our team will keep you updated if anything new came up. 


Ik if a foreigner were to take a word from our local dialect and give it an entirely different meaning y’all would be pissed. With that being said, abow does not mean period”

what does Abow mean on tiktok?

According to one dictionary,  the word means to cheer for someone who has performed well. And when you search it on the Urban dictionary you will find the same meaning to some extent. they defined ‘damn’ as its suitable synonyms. There are also some searches about abo meanings which is defined for ‘an Aboriginal person.’ this is also related to the Australian netizen. 



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