An amazing young football player of Sulphur Strings High School named Tyrese Oneal Pryor has recently died from multiple stabbings. Tyrese Oneal Pryor Death shocked the whole internet community and broke the heart of his loved ones. According to the news, 18 years old Tyrese Oneal Pryor was killed by a 17 years old guy carrying a lethal weapon with him. we will know the complete story of his death in the article below.

Tyrese Oneal Pryor Death

Sulphur Strings High School athlete Tyrese Oneal Pryor was reported dead on December 17, 2017. Sources confirmed that he was shot to death by a 17 years old felon Gavin Gilbert. At South Liberty Community Tyrese Oneal Pryor and his 4 friends met with Gilbert and after an altercation and heated confrontation, Gavin fires shots at the group hitting Tyrese Pryor twice. Later police reached the crime scene and rushed Tyrese to the nearby emergency unit, the teen succumbed to the injuries and was reported dead by the hospital facility at about 7:43 pm.

After the investigation,  Gavin was arrested and indicted of one first-degree murder and four counts of aggravated assaults. this case is another big example of youngsters’ anger. May his devastated  Soul Rest in Peace. According to his authentic Obituary report, Tyrese’s funeral services were conducted at the League Street Church of Christ.

who was Tyrese Oneal Pryor?

Tyrese Oneal Pryor was a great Football player at his Sulphur Strings High School. With sports, he was also an excellent student in his studies. According to the sources, he was 18 years old at the time of his death. No doubt that the entire school was depressed because of losing an excellent student. Currently, we don’t have any updates about his parents. 

According to the investigation, Tyrese knows his murderer  Gavin Gilbert very well and there were some major disputes between the pair that led to the killing.

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