Heartbreaking news for the fan following of Popular Christian band, Big Daddy Weave has just surfaced online. The integral member of the band Jay Weaver has passed away. He was a famous bass player of the band and associated with the same for almost 20 years. The cause of death is not clear but some sources claim to link his sudden demise with heat-related illness. People on social media paid tributes and condolences to the family over the passing of the bass player. No doubt his contribution to the worldwide famous band is unmatched and unparalleled. He will always remain in the hearts of his admirers for his amazing performance on the stage with his colleague. Keep reading to explore more about his personal life. 


Jay Weaver Death

The member of Big daddy weave death left thousands numb and shocked. The band member is deeply saddened with losing an integral part of their band. Now they are left with the beautiful memories which they have spent in numbers of songs playing together on the stages. Jay’s contribution as a bass specialist in the group has no match.

Those who follow the band from starting know the value of each and every member. No doubt with the losing him, the group suffers a big blow. The smiling face, passion for the new performances, unity, humbleness, and always giving the best are some virtue for which he is a star for lots of people. Our team paid the deepest condolence to the family and relatives. May the legendary soul rest in peace. 

who was Jay Weaver?

He was best known for being an active member of Big Daddy Weave,  an American contemporary Christian band. The band is belonged from Mobile, Alabama, and included a total of five members Mike Weaver, Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk, and Brian Beihl. Sources said that all of them were in the same college University of Mobile. In the group of five, Mike Weaver held the lead position.

Talking about some popular work of the band Neighborhoods, Love Come to Life, and Beautiful Offerings, etc comes on the top of the list. 

Jay joined the group in 1988 and continue with it till his death. He was married to Emily. Information about  Jay Weaver Age has never been disclosed by any source so far. He abstains from sharing this personal stuff in interviews and social gatherings. Also, there is no Wikipedia page related to him on the internet. 



what happened to jay weaver?

Exactly what happened to him is yet to be revealed by the source. We are working to gain more information over the sudden departure of the Weaver. and will soon update you with our findings. 

Many tributes, RIP messages flooded on the social media spaces mourning the death of the Bassist.

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