WATCH: Yeferson Cossio’s Video Leaked On Twitter Goes Viral On Reddit, and, YouTube: Viral videos scandal is catching fire on the internet nowadays and it seems that these viral video scandals are not going to stop easily. Recently another famous internet celebrity Yeferson Cossio is caught in the same scandal as his leaked video is going viral on the internet. Becoming famous is a task on the internet which nowadays anyone can do by releasing a private video or doing something wired in it. The more illogical things a video contains, there is more chance the video went viral and this is something that happened with Yeferson Cossio’s video.  DeathMilitia.Com presents another incident of Social Media influencer Yeferson Cossio leaked video. Let’s get started.

Yeferson Cossio video

There is no need to say that Yeferson Cossio who is a famous Colombian musical artist and a massive social media influencer is in the social media spotlight because of his inappropriate private video. He has around 8 Million followers on his Instagram account and something like that is definitely going to hurt his reputation on the internet. Although he hasn’t released any statement on his private leaked video his silence and huge social media posts were confirming that he was featured in the video.

Yeferson Cossio video

Many youngsters were treated Yeferson Cossio as their ideal and role model for their career. This is the first time Yeferson stuck in the spotlight for such kind of reason, he usually shares images of his Gym physique on Instagram. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is completely flooded with random

Yeferson Cossio video

Posts and comments posted by the followers of Yeferson Cossio. And it is completely visible that the wave of Yeferson’s trolling is not going to stop easily. Although some of his fans were now against him but some are still standing for him and claiming that he is not in the video.

Yeferson Cossio Twitter Video

Through social media platforms Twitter, Yeferson wrote “There were many things said against me and I’m the most controversial influencers, people use to claim several things about me and this is something which hurts me a lot. But if you guys see the things from eth different perspectives then I’ ain’t able to be mot controversial. I’m a calm personality who had been choosing to stay away from the fights and the arguments too.”

Later he also added, “I never used to be hated anyone for any reason ever.”

Watch Yeferson Cossio Leaked Images Video Viral 

Yeferson Cossio lives a luxury lifestyle and at a very shortage, he did a great job. With a decent number of followers and social media fans, he gains massive influencing ability on the internet. And no doubt that in the upcoming yeas, he is gonna be a trending star. For now, let’s come to the point. The young Social media influencer is trending on Twitter for his leaked private video clip. As the video contains inappropriate moments, it has been taken down from the internet but you can watch it here. 

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