It is unfortunate that the acting world has just lost a renowned name, Miguel Palmer. The news of his death was confirmed by several sources on the internet. The reports claimed the actor died due to a sudden heart attack. if you are his followers then you must be aware that he was hospitalized for the past six months due to dehydration and illness. At the time of his death, he was 78 years old. His contributor to cinema can’t be ignored. Peoples shares heartfelt condolences with the family member and relatives. Keep reading to know more about actor Mexicano Miguel palmer.

Who is Miguel Palmer?

Miguel Palmer was born on November 1, 1942, in Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico. Later he became one of the popular Mexican actors. He was seen in lots of soap operas, cinemas. Peoples love his work behind the curtain. till now he was best remembered for his outstanding performance in “Bodas de Odio” and “Viviana”.

His complete name was Miguel Ángel Palomera Gonzali shortly called Miguel. Completed his study at Juarez College. In the initial stage of his life, he decided to pursue the medical field but later shifted to acting when he generated interest in the same.

Miguel Palmer

“His career began at the age of 17 in the radio soap opera La Bestia of a local radio station in 1968. From that moment he began to participate in projects of television within which stand out: The rich also cry 1978, Marimar 1994, Friends and rivals 2001 or Dos Hogares 2011.”

Miguel Palmer Death

Valeria Palmer, daughter of Miguel confirmed the passing of her father due to a heart attack. He has died at the age of 78 years. As we mentioned above since the starting of April months his health deteriorated consistently. When the need arises he was hospitalized and was in the hospital for around six months. He underwent surgery against the Hirschsprung disease. No doubt the end month of his life is a very challenging period of his whole life.

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How did Actor Mexicano die?

According to some sources, Muere Miguel Palmer because of a sudden heart attack.  This is quite probable as his health was not improving for the past six months. He spent almost half a year in hospital but his body resistance system towards disease became too weak.


Social Media Reaction

Thousands of his fan following took their social media accounts to show love and respect towards a great actor of all time. His life loss can’t be expressed in words. For so many novice players in the field, he was considered a role model. Our teams paid the deepest tribute to him and thanked him for his entertaining performance on theatre. “Celebs bid the final farewell to the first actor, who passed away this Monday afternoon. Rest in peace”

Miguel Palmer

One wrote on social media mourning the death “I join in the sorrow that she mourns the family of my dear friend Valeria Palmer, and her mommy Mayte Carol, for the sad and unfortunate passing of her dad’s first actor Miguel Palmer. I send my deepest condolences and sincere condolences, as well as all my love, and I accompany you in your pain dear Vale. ′′ I’m with you in such a sad moment, I’m sure words will not be enough to numb your sadness, but I’m sure you’ll be less sad, remembering all the beautiful moments and the great love he gave them “. Rest in Peace.”


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