Female Rapper SZA has gone viral all over Social media especially on Reddit when her Death News in a Train Accident start becoming Trending.  Some sources claim that the News is true and SZA died in a train accident while others are revealing the statement as rumors. We will know all about the SZA Train video and Death news further in the article.

Rapper SZA Train Video

Who is Rapper SZA?

Rapper SZA whose full name is Solana Imani Rowe is a professional American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Her Wikipedia page reveals all about her. She has her own Youtube channel named SZA with more than 2.4 million subscribers. SZA is also very popular on Instagram with more than 10 million followers. She is very popular for her awesome voice. But nowadays, the rapper comes in social media searches for a different reason. Rapper SZA’s Train video has been viral on social media and hundreds of rumors related to SZA death were circulating there. 

Currently, we couldn’t find where all this dirt start circulating but some sources revealed that an unknown source first wrote about the SZA Train video but later, he/she changed the statement but other netizens won’t stop yet. 


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What Happened to SZA? Dead or Alive

We already cleared everything about Rapper SZA Train News. As all this about SZA is a rumor, SZA does not die yet. She is absolutely fine and healthy. The rumors that the train ran over her began last year after Drake admitted he dated her back then. In this track, he said, “Yeah, said she wanna fuck to some SZA, wait/’Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08”.  After such a track was released, someone said she let a man run a train over her. And this statement becomes a viral rumor. 

One Twitter User wrote:

“That title doesn’t bother me when it’s thrown towards another female rapper. Nicki just always gets hate on social media, including Doja’s stans for no reason so it’s hard to tell what’s shade and what’s not. Everyone tries to force their biased opinion against her career.”

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SZA Train Video

SZA comes in huge searches and discussions especially on Reddit after her Train video goes viral. Sources claim that in the video, a train ran on SZA which cause her to die. But As our team found, all this is just a rumor nothing else. Many times on the internet, many rumors have become viral and now this SZA Train video rumor start circulating. 

Some people still believe that the rumor is true and Rapper SZA was hit by a train while others are confused about the news. Some people even accept that SZA is dead now. We request to all our readers to not believe in such kinds o rumors until you have enough high sources to reveal the same. 

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