Recently we have lost a multi-talented garden designer Peter Fudge. He was a well-known personality in the field of nursery planning. In his long successful career, Peter wrote books on the experience and wisdom he got from working. His death caused thousand of hearts to break down into pieces. The family and friends are deeply shocked due to the loss of a loving part of their life. Stay tuned with us to discover more about him.

Who is Peter Fudge?

Peter Fudge was a Landscape Designer of Gardens based in Australia. He was the author of the book Peter Fudge Gardens. Best remembered for his astonishing garden outlook Peter got so much fame in the field. His reach is not limited to Australia. He had worked on so many oversee projects. you can find him on Instagram. He has around 17.9k  followers at the press time.

He has completed his graduation from Barker College, Sydney. Besides he was also director of a firm named upon him for more than 32 years. Peter Fudge has no Wikipedia page so far on the internet.


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Peter has a large satisfied customers base in Australia. One wrote after taking the service  “Seamless connection between the living area and the outdoors. Create something quite natural, using a mix of exotic and native plants. The garden’s structure is deceptive; it looks casual l just like the house around which it folds. Designed by Peter Fudge.” 


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Peter Fudge Death

The shocking news of Peter Fudge Death was confirmed by many sources on October 19, 2021. On the day we have lost such a legendary personality in the field. He was counted in Australia as one of the best garden designers. He was a very passionate man while it comes to designing. He always tried to provide the best services no matter how difficult for him.

The circumstances around his death are still a mystery. Also, there is no report available whether he was suffering from any health-related illness or not. We can just patiently wait for further details to come out.


Family members have not revealed Peter Fudge obituary details yet.  We are still waiting for further updates. Our team shares the deepest condolences with them. No doubt this is a very difficult time for them.


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