Recently our team got disgusting news of Sidy Sarr’s arrest for the allegation of Inappropriate Relationships with Prostitutes. Sidy Sarr was a professional and popular Football player and something like this can never be expected from such a famous media personality. We will learn more about Sidy Sarr Incident and allegations in the article.

Sidy Sarr

Who is Sidy Sarr?

Sidy Sarr is a professional and well-known Football player who played for Ligue 2 of France from the Nimes Olympique soccer team. Recently news goes viral on Social media revealing that Sidy Sarr was arrested on Monday after admitting to sexually ill-conduct of two underage girls.


Sources revealed that Sidy Sarr has been arrested and put behind bars in Nimes prison following his minor sexual assault on October 18, 2021. Many popular social media personality has confirmed the news on their social media accounts. Even hundreds of netizens also posted their thoughts on Sidy Sarr allegations and arrest news. 

Sidy Sarr Arrested

Sidy actually self indicted him after the sexual misconduct as he went to the police department to report that the girls he slept with stole his car: a luxury Audi Q3. After a further investigation, the prostitutes involved in the vehicle theft were found to be underaged(just 17), and Sidy was put behind bars.

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Although Sarr stated that the sexual conduct was consensual and paid for the prostitutes, he did an illicit act involving two minors. The prostitutes aged both 17 took the money and stole his car, which the footballer had no option than to report. After filing the report and speaking in detail, the identity of the two girls was investigated, and Sarr was charged for carrying out sex with two minors. Famous footballer Sidy Sarr has no shame left. This incident will surely affect the career of Sidy Sarr in the future. 

Having sexual contact with minors is a shameful act done by Sidy. French Law will witness Sarr serving 20 years in prison as per the crime-charge report for sexualizing a minor under 18. The local department punish the crime, and excess charges can be added based on the footballer’s previous sexual assault records.

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