Brooklyn Woman Dejah Starr Murdered news circulating on Social media. Leonard Robinson from Boston is a suspected killer. 

Dejah Starr Death News is circulating on the internet and has become a viral topic there now. According to the sources, Dejah Starr is a beautiful woman who got killed. The Lowell Police has issued a BOLO for a murder suspect named Lenoard Robinson from Boston. However, this is not officially released that Lenoard is the killer of Dejah Starr. we will learn more about Dejah Starr and suspect the killer Lenoard Robinson Boston in the article.

s Leonard Robinson Boston the killer

Who is Dejah Starr?

Dejah Starr was a beautiful woman who was residing in Brooklyn with her baby. She was Murdered and sources revealed that his boyfriend Leonard Robinson is the suspect of his murder. We will learn more about suspect Leonard Robinson aka PoleBoy DRose in the next heading. Hundreds of relatives and friends of Dejah Starr paid tribute to him on Social media and shows their grief on this unexpected incident. You can find her Facebook here

One Cousin of Dejah Starr wrote on Facebook:

“Dear Dejah, lost of words right now, so many mixed emotions. This doesn’t feel real, feels like all a dream, okay we can all wake up now to this tragic that isn’t true to believe. You have impacted so many life stink when you was on this earth. Such a good hearted Female, with a gorgeous smile, and an annoying laugh 😂. I would do anything to just see that smile one more time, or just hear your voice again. A lot of memories at aunty Tanya house growing up. You will forever be loved and missed, your name will forever be remember and you will be an inspiring story for others that are in an abusive relationships, to leave the situation, no matter how much you may love a person because someone who really loves you would never put their hands on you no matter what the situation is.

Until we meet again, Love you 🕊🤍🌍 LLD
Sincerely Chris (Woo)”
Viral News: Midwestemma
Another Friend of Dejah said:
Dejah Starr my heart goes out to your family. I personally know how hard your mom goes for you. LaToya Minus my prayers are with you. I have had Dejah since middle school as one of my mentees. I took you to get your drivers to permit, gave you your first job at FOTC, watch you go through life changes, teen challenges, go to prom, graduate high school with good grades. We have had talks about dating, college, life, independent living, now parenting your daughter and me teasing about her being my first glam baby. My heart is heavy and my thoughts are cluttered with so many questions as to why this and that and how. Why in the hell did he think he has Gods right to take you from us. I am pissed, hurt and very confused right now. “

Who is Suspect Leonard Robinson Boston aka PoleBoy DRose?

Leonard Robinson from Boston is the suspect of Dejah Starr’s murder. The Lowell Police has issued a BOLO for him. Although this is still not clear whether he is the killer or not. Leonard Robinson who is also famous for his Social media name PoleBoy DRose is the rumored dad of Dejah’s baby. Boston Wicked North Shore posted about Lowell police searching Kia Forte, with Massachusetts Reg# 2ED 044. 

Lowell Police informed that he is armed, and the authorities have warned anyone who comes across to stay away from him. Instead, they requested anyone with the information to notify the police. Sources revealed that, PoleBoy DRose’s social media posts revealed that their relationship was not so good. Even PoleBoy DRose ask for the DNA Tests of Dejah’s son. But Dejah refuse to show any proof of their loyalty and left him and started living with her daughter. But the news of her death came by right after she posted about celebrating Thanksgiving with her baby daughter. 



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