A video containing a racist slur went viral on social media platforms. The video was created by a girl named Jaelyn Crooks. She is a student of Prior Lake High School. In the video she along with her friend Jayden Kewley defaming and harassed a black girl. Her abusive language clarifies the level of hatred she contains in herself for the black community.  Let’s discuss more the subject further in this blog.

Jaelyn Crooks, Prior Lake High School Girl Racist Video Went Viral

Who is Jaelyn Crooks?

Jaelyn Crooks is a Prior Lake High School student based in Minnesota. Her personal information like age, studies, father are not available to us at the moment. She was trending recently after her video containing a racist slur for a black girl went viral.

Shaun King wrote on Facebook “This is Jaelyn Crooks of Prior Lake High School in Minnesota. Nasty racist bigot. It’s disgusting. I’m sure your parents and grandparents and siblings talk this way at home. You are so comfortable with your racism that it clearly wasn’t a slip of the tongue or a momentary lapse of judgment. ⁣

She is harassing a Black student that I am told was suicidal. This was reported to the school over and over and they did NOTHING. ⁣”


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Crooks was making the video with her friend Jayden. She uses abusive language for her and provokes her to commit suicide. You can find her on Instagram with around 5,900 followers. Currently, there is no post visible on her handle. 

Jaelyn Crooks Parents

At the current moment, we do not have information about Jaelyn Crooks Parents. As the school authorities have already sent them notices informing them about the whole incident. Very soon we have full details of her parents, who are considered to be responsible by so many people for their daughter’s recent hatred for the black community.

Prior Lake High School

After the incident came into school authorities’ notice, then principal John Bezek immediately sent a letter to the girl’s parents. Savage Police Department also started investigating the case. So far there is no update on any action taken by the police. We will keep you updated with recent happening.

Social Media Reaction

So many people took their social media handles to show support towards the victim girl name @NyaSigin. She is deeply hurt by the racist slur put by the crooks and her friend openly through a video clip.

One wrote “Today’s most hated person on the planet: Jaelyn Crooks and her idiot sidekick Jayden Kewley. Let’s throw in their parents too, why not. And their high school if huge consequences aren’t brought.”

another wrote “The Jaelyn Crooks video makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. The racist little p.o.s. was obviously dragged up by a bigoted family network. The bile she spewed is learned behavior, and I’m genuinely shocked.”

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