You must have heard about the recent incident, which took place in the amusement park, where all the people come along with their family and friends to enjoy the fun. As of now, a Twitter video from icon park is getting viral, which is heartbreaking. In the video, we can see a boy who is just 14 years old. He has fallen from the ride, and he died on the spot. It was an unexpected incident no one was in the swim about this. It was a tragedy that happened to him.

Joshuajered Twitter

As per the report of reporters we got to know that he fell from the height of 430 feet in Florida.  The name of the victim is being claimed Tyre Sampson who was from Missouri. He was spending some quality time with his family at the Icon Amusement park.   In the park, he chose the Orlando FreeFall ride to enjoy, we want to tell you it is the tallest ride ever in the world which is a 430-foot freestanding drop tower.

Who is Joshuajered Twitter?

This incident is catching lots of eyes of people and the icon park Twitter video has gone viral these days, tons of people are sharing and spreading the video via social media sites. If you want to watch the video then you can go through twitter you might find the video has not been removed.  The country’s sheriff was informed by an emergency call. The video span is 4 min, it has been one of the most viral videos which have got millions of views.

As per the reporters of, people are searching for who is joshuajered on Twitter. Many of the people are seeking the video, you may also find it on Reddit. At the time of writing this content, there is a Twitter name that is being searched a lot, joshuajered Twitter is the center of attraction. He was a young boy, who was working well in his career, it has been a big loss to the family.

Thousands of netizens are paying tribute and expressing condolence on social media. It is a horrible video, which can be seen on most social media, the icon park is famous daily lots of people come to visit and find more fun there. Through death militia you find more updates on the site, we will be right back with the new post.

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