Marilou Johnson has gone viral these days, do you know who was she? and why she is hitting the headline these days. We want to tell you she is the mother of three children who were reported missing in June 2007. So far there is no clue that has been found and authorities investigating the case and they’re finding her so far no one knows what happened to her.

And where did she go after some time or some days authorities is found a clue that led them to the killer. After that people got to know what happened to her then the investigation has uncovered where murder the enemy at the gate.

Who was Marilou Johnson?

All the family members are being interrogative and among law and enforcement, many people are showing interest on the internet. We want to tell you more details related to this case if you are one of them then it is the right post for you. We will let you know everything we want to tell you Marilou Johnson was from the Philippines and she is the mother of three children from a past marriage.

She was dating Roger Blanchard with the three sons. After Her husband reported police about her missing from midnight on June 15, 2017.

Marilou Johnson Missing and Murdered

Unfortunately, she is no more among us because, on June 25, 2007, the authorities have found her belongings in the water such as her purse. After the day heart, the dead body was found which was rapped in a blanket and covered with cinder blocks.

She was stabbed this time in the chest it was a horrible moment for all of us many people are reacting to this news and are expressing their sympathy to the family. Because in the beginning, authorities have investigated family relationship was not perfect but she never fought with her partner.

The case has taken a new turn when a friend of Marilou had come to the tip of authorities on the 16th of June 2007 Tonya Disano told the police about Marilou who was the local self-employed plumber. After that questions have been started to raise about David’s actions after her disappearance of her.

Because he was seen dumping something even police have also retrieved some items such as plastic bad and blood stains along with hair, he was arrested by the police for not having a license by traffic police David was taken in the custody. We are waiting for further updates, we will be right back with a new post.

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