On  26 June 2016 former UFC fighter, Ryan Jimmo gives in and succumb to death due to tragic injuries.  The injuries were too severe that he died in the hospital. According to the sources, the cause of severe injuries was hit and ran by a truck driver. The death of UFC fighters is a big shock to the entire fan following on social media. No one had ever expected that Ryan Jimmo would be met with this kind of tragic end. Here we will discuss more how did Ryan Jimmo die, Death Cause, Wiki, Girlfriend, and more facts related to his life.

So many people remember him for the heartwarming performances in the ring:

Burrra Wrote: “On this date in 2012, the late Ryan Jimmo made his unforgettable UFC debut, beginning with a 7-second KO and capped off by his signature robot celebration.”

BluePittMMA Wrote: “RIP Ryan Jimmo I remember hearing about his accident that was so crazy no one should have to go through that. My buddy was actually hit n dragged by a cab which nearly took his life but luckily my buddy survived but he will never be the same such a sad story”

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Ryan Jimmo Death

Ryan Jimmo, the Canadian mixed martial artist,  met with a tragic end on  26 June 2016.  The news of his death got viral shortly after the official announcement by media houses. The primary reason for his death is severe injuries which is the fallout of an altercation with a truck driver. After the investigation carried on by police found out the name of Anthony Getschel, a 23-year-old man, and Jordan Wagner. The primary suspect in the case was Anthony Getschel who was charged with so many criminal acts. And finally, on November 26, 2018, Getschel proved criminal in court and got imprisonment of eight years.

Ryan Jimmo Death

Ryan Jimmo Death Cause

Sources confirmed that Ryan Jimmo got into a parking lot dispute with the truck driver. After some heated argument, when Ryan started walking away from the driver. The driver ran his truck over him and flew away from the scene. And this is how Ryan Jimmo MMA met with the heartbreaking end of his life. This is very shocking that the bone of contention in the case was so trivial that can be ignored easily. Now we can see how the small argument can lead to this kind of result. We request all of our readers to stay safe and abstain from these kinds of arguments on road.

According to myRepública : “26-year-old Anthony Getschel will spend eight years in prison after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of UFC light heavyweight Ryan Jimmo, who died in 2016 after being hit by Getschel’s car following a road rage incident.”

Getschel, 26, Sentenced to eight-year imprisonment

On  November 26, 2018, Getschel who is the prime suspect of the case got eight-year imprisonment from a Canadian court.  He was charged with hit and ran case. Getschel ran his vehicle over Ryan Jimmo and flew away from the place of the incident. As mentioned in the above para the cause of extreme anger of the truck driver was just an argument for a parking slot.




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