Another Heartbreaking and tragic Death of legendary personality Larch Felix. Some of you are well familiar with this name while others are looking for who is Larch Felix and how did legendary cartoonist Die? Sources confirmed that Larch Felix died in a car crash. We will learn more about his Death in the article later.

Who is Larch Felix?

Honorable artist Larch Felix is a professional painter and cartoonist by his profession. For him, his profession is his life. He was a true gentleman who was purely passionate about his work. people can learn a lot from him. But unfortunately, the true artist has left this world on October 4, 2021.

Larch Felix is a popular cartoonist and gets a lot of fame from his popular cartoons like Prophet Muhammad. Even he also worked at the National Academy of Art in Oslo. From 1997 to 2003 he worked as a professor of art theory. Police have confirmed that Larch Felix is dead. Let’s take a look at Larch Felix Death now. Larch Felix’s net worth is no less than $5 million as of 2021. However, this is only a rough estimate based upon his successful career as a cartoonist.

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One Facebook User Wrote:

“The death of Suwaidish, the cartoonist “Larch Felix”, famous for his cartoons insulting the Prophet, along with two of his (police) guards, as they had been in the protection of the police since 2007-

In a traffic accident In a car accident A car accident in the Swedish city of Mark
Even the police couldn’t protect him. “We will suffice the scoffers.””
Another Said:

The Swedish cartoonist “Larch Felix” died yesterday, Sunday, after a serious traffic accident, and his body was charred after the car exploded.

🔴 The police put him under protection since 2007 for fear of Muslims angry at their prophet.
🔴 The painter got into a civilian police car, accompanied by two policemen, and the car collided with a truck and burned, killing him and those protecting him.
🔴 God Almighty said: (Wherever you are, death will overtake you, even if you are in well-built towers)
And the Almighty said: (Indeed, we have sufficed the scoffers)”
Larch Felix

Larch Felix Death

Popular  Swedish cartoonist Larch Felix Death is on the social media trending list. Thousands of people were sharing RIP posts and paying tribute on social media. We heartily wish may the departed soul of him rest in peace. Larch Felix was a popular artist who has fans from around the globe. His sudden and deadly accident news is really heartbroken for everyone.

Sources revealed that Larch Felix and 2 policemen were killed after their car collided with a truck. Both the vehicles caught fire. The area of the incident is reported as the E4 road in the Swedish city of Markard. Our team is searching for more updates on his death. This horrible and tragic death news breaks the hearts of many because we recently lost a pair of Father and daughter Riley Sluman in a bike accident. And now Larch Felix left this world.  RIP Larch.

Larch Felix Accident

Swedish police have confirmed that Larch Felix and his 2 guards died on the spot of the accident. But the truck driver is in undergoing treatment at this time. Sources revealed that both vehicles were caught fire and buried the bodies of Larch Felix and 2 guards. The investigation is not completed yet.

One Fan of Larch Wrote:

“The Swedish cartoonist, Larch Felix, who painted the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him ) and two policemen who were guarding him, died in a serious traffic accident, where the car collided with a truck on the E4 road in the Swedish city of Markard, after their bodies were charred.

The 75-year-old painter died with two policemen who were with him, after their cars collided with a truck, as both vehicles caught fire, Swedish police confirmed to AFP.
A police statement indicated that “the cause of the accident is not clear.”
Felix has been under police protection since one of his caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in 2007 sparked outrage”
The #Swedish cartoonist #Larch_Felix, the owner of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, died of burning this evening during a car accident with two accompanying policemen.

Larch Felix was in police protection since 2007. He demanded police protection since one of his cartoons angered the Muslims community. It also drew diplomatic tensions from Sweden. Furthermore, a terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who killed Felix.


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