We have noticed the rumors of JI Prince being the dead surfacing online for the past couple of hours. When our team went deep into the matter we found out that the news is baseless and just a fallacy. Justin Irvin is a New York-based popular rapper. Each time he releases any song, it hits millions of streams because he had managed to hold a decent amount of followers, who wait curiously for his upcoming songs. The reports of his death brought many of his fans into deep shock. But later when he invalidate the information by an Instagram post they got some relief. We will talk more about the issue in detail further in this blog. So keep reading to get yourself updated with the latest news.


Who is JI Prince?

JI Prince’s full name is Justin Irvin Rivera originally belongs from New york. He attained so much in the field of rap and songwriting. JI was best known for his song “Need Me” which cross million of views just like his other songs. From the early days of life, he started developing an interest in rap and learn a lot from Big Pun, Tupac, DMX, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, and others.  He is around 20 years old a the present time.

Is JI prince of new york dead?

JI Prince dead are just rumors nothing more. The news of his death was originated from the social media platform Instagram. later it catches fire and spread to different social media spaces like Twitter, Reddit, etc. The reports share on the platform said JI Prince found dead in the apartment without attaching any proof with the same.

Death Hoax Exposed

Justin Irvin himself clear the confusion among his followers by posting an Instagram message. In which he clear the rumors is fallacy he is alive. He exposed the death hoax on September 4. After this, his fan got so much relief from the clouds of disappointment made due to the death rumors.




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