The viral video of Sarah Boone is being the headline of the news. Her video is being shared a lot and being circulated by the netizens. As per the report, we have got to know the video of Sarah Boone along with her husband has gone viral. Sarah is a woman from Florida, who has been accused of killing her husband, whose name was Jorge Torres Jr.

She has trapped him in a suitcase at their Winter Park home on Frantz Lane. Many of the netizens are showing good interest to discover more details about this. Let’s find out everything related to Sarah Boone’s video.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Video

The video is pretty shocking, in the video can see her boyfriend in the suitcase and leaving him. This video is also going viral on Reddit. This video was posted by the Orange Osceola Prosecutor’s office in the response to a public records request.

As far as we came to know that Terres was continuously yelling Boone’s name and he also informed her that he can not breathe anymore in the suitcase on the living room floor in the footage.

Two recordings have been released by the prosecutor’s office in Orange Osceola Country. That are showing Sarah is laughing and teasing her boyfriend Jorge who was in the suitcase. After that, she has said she dozed off, and later when she woke up she found him dead.

As of now after the incident, she has been charged with second-degree murder. After the interrogation, she has stated to the Orange Country Sheriff’s investigators. Both of them were drinking and playing hide and seek in the apartment in the Goldenrod neighborhood near Alome and North Palmetto avenues.

Sarah Boone Husband

Sarah Boone was married to her husband, who was murdered by his wife intensionally and unintentionally. At the time of his death, he was 42 years old. Her husband had died of positional asphyxia with environmental suffocation, which happened due to less oxygen, he was in the suitcase and that is why he could not beath, he also yelled and said her to help him but she fell asleep.

At present, the video has been published on several platforms, and netizens are searching for the video instantly. As of now, Sarah Boone’s video is gaining lots of attention and she is in the custody of the police, for further updates keep visiting this channel we will be right back with the new post.

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