Sergio Chejfec is one of the most searching personalities, as per the source we have come to know that he has passed away. He was one of the famous authors, who has seen the world as a language structure. Through this post, we have tried to cover almost every single thing related to him such as Sergio Chejfec death, and death cause.

Do you want to know how did he Sergio Chejfec die?  Let’s get started to explore more details. As per the report, this Saturday the sudden death news of Sergio Chejfec came out. As soon as it was published, it went viral, there are tons of his followers who are paying him tributes and sharing condolences. 

Who was Sergio Chejfec?

Sergio Chejfec was 65 years old Argentine novelist living in New York since the year 2005, and he stayed for a long time in Caracas.  He used to write novels, shorts stories, poetry, and essays. He was one of the liked personalities, who used to be followed by tons of users, there are lots of users who are paying him tribute on social media that have come in the headlines of the news.

His amazing and phenomenal writing has worldwide fans. His Mis dos mundos (My Two Worlds) touched thousands of hearts. Considering the mass popularity of the novels his books were published in other languages too for a wider reach. In his long successful writing career, he authored many novels like Garros and Bones, the essays EI punto vacillate, and Sobre Giannuzzi. 

Sergio Chejfec Death

The expected passing of a phenomenal writer was made public by multiple sources on the internet. His sudden demise left the family and friends in great shock. No doubt his departure poses a big loss to the literature. Sergio’s great novels and writing will make him alive in the hearts of thousands of individuals.  Sebastian Castillo said mourning the death “sergio was a wonderful writer—one of the contemporary greats of the slow, digressive novel. rip”


His words continue to pave the way for countless people. He wrote well in one of his novels “A foreign air breathed in the room. Its colors seemed to need some invasion of blue: a residue of the dream, simultaneously strong and vague…that that day would have gone by without any more consequence within me than the worry of not remembering anything.”

Sergio Chejfec Cause of death

Although exactly how Sergio Chejfec died is yet to reveal. But there are some sources confirming pancreatic cancer as the possible reason. The rumors claim the diseases harm the internal organ rapidly and create problems in the last couple of days. Our team is trying its best to gain further information about the circumstances in which he died. Keep supporting for the latest news in the future.

“The Argentine novelist Sergio Chejfec has died. One of the greats. Five of his books have been beautifully translated, two by Margaret Carson, and three by Heather Cleary. Not an easy task. His Mis dos Mundos (My Two Worlds) is astonishing–it becomes a part of one’s dream life. I know of nothing else like it. He taught for years at NYU.” said Mark Weiss. 

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