Taehyung’s Smoking leaked a video while smoking is getting viral on social media. There are tons of users are showing huge interest to know the video. The video is being circulated and they are sharing this online. You must be in the swim about Taehyung, he is famous for being a part of BTS.

Recently Jimin has made a post about Taehyung, in the video, we can see him using C-cigarettes. Many of his fans are reacting over this, they want to explore more. On Twitter, we can see easily that some are liking this and some are disliking they are saying that it is inappropriate for a singer.

Taehyung Smoking Leaked Video

There has been a controversy on Twitter, as we can see the number of tweets that people are making.  Jimin is also one of the members of the BTS, who does not know about BTS, there might have been anyone. The music group has been popular globally. You might be able to see another group like this, their fan following is in billions. BTS has a huge fan base.

As far as we know the BTS member Jimin has used an electronic cigarette so that he could record his partner V for him. In the month of December 25, a post was made on the official Twitter handle of the K-Pop group V’s real name is Kim Taehyung. In the viral video, we can see him lying down and playing with his phone where he is also holding an e-cigarette next to his head and talking.  Within a short time, it went viral and netizens started to circulate this, they are trying to find out more info. The image has sparked a heart on Twitter.

BTS Taehyung Smoking E-Cigarette Video Viral On Twitter

Some of Kim Taehyung’s fans are commenting negatively and some are saying it is cool. that is why they are debating. Some of them have said that the star Kim Taehyung is 24 years old. His birthday falls on the 30th of December so he was just enjoying it. His fans are disappointing after this, they are suggesting he leave this it can harm his health.

Being a singer he should not do like this as it can spoil his voice, other members are also worried about his health. He has been one of the most successful people in his life and growing with time. We wish him the best of luck with further projects.

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