A piece of shocking news is surfing on the internet for some recent hours. The news of  Kyle Mitchell  Death, a young protestor who was shot dead at Melbourne protest. Who is Kyle Mitchell? Why he is trending on social media? Was he shot at the protest? We will discuss all this stuff further in the article. So be with us till the end.

Who is Kyle Mitchell?

Kyle Mitchell was one of the protesters who takes part in the Melbourne lockdown and anti-vaccine demonstrations. People stormed into the war memorial of Melbourne. Some of them even took it to an extreme level. Many of them started climbing the stairs of the Shrine of Remembrance when the protest was taking part at the streets of Melbourne CBD.

Currently, any update regarding his family, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, wife is not yet discovered by our family. But we are working on it and surely update the article with the rest of the information. So be in touch with us.

One Twitter User Wrote On Kyle Mitchell Death:

“Patrick, thank Heaven you are posting these real-time. We are sharing the videos as quickly as we can. My heart is destroyed watching Kyle Mitchell smashed & left to die like an insect, his life meaningless to psychopath perverse demon despots & their brutal enforcers….”

Another Said:

This is very very serious if he was not rendered medical assistance by police. Very suspicious someone has racked up a fake FB profile too #KyleMitchell

One Women Wrote:

“This is not him just FYI no idea why he is pretending to be him. The guy on FB got bottled by a shop owner for trying to steal booze.. which is why he only has stitches. Kyle Mitchell, definitely wouldn’t be posting on fb with just stitches..after his injuries he’d be in the ICU”

Melbourne Protest

Kyle Mitchell Death at Melbourne Protest

Kyle Mitchell was shot dead while participating in a protest rally in Victoria. All his family, friends, and relatives were totally heartbroken because of losing their young family member. 

The death of a young protestor is widely shared on social media. Hundreds of people paying tribute and passing condolence to the family of the deceased. 

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Sources revealed that there hadn’t been a peaceful moment between the police and the protestor. The officers have reportedly arrested a few protestors within their custody. The people in Australia are describing this unfortunate event as scary and thuggery.

People were all seen in black dress as a sign of protest with a quote “This is not about the virus, This is all about total government control over people”.

Some Social media sources also claiming that Kyle Mitchell is not dead, he just had some stitches on his head. Anyways, further investigation is going on by our team. 

Kyle Mitchell head injury

Sources confirmed that Kyle Mitchell Cause of Death is his skull injuries. His painful death becomes a horrible memory in  Australian protest history. Even his video is also becoming viral and widely shared on social media. In the video, Kyle Mitchell is lying on the ground with all blood-spattered. Much information about the incident is not yet covered by Media. 

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According to a local news channel, 62 protestors were arrested and held in custody.

There have been few news sites that presented an obituary for Kyle’s death.

People are still protesting in huge numbers against the political agenda and the demise of Kyle demanding an answer from the government.

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